The Gab

October 3, 2018

In your own words, tell us about your project.
The Gab is a community committed to the practice and preservation of the oral tradition of storytelling as well as the development of storytelling as a contemporary art. We have a regular monthly event called The Gab Mixtape.
The Gab Mixtape is an entertaining evening of storytelling where tellers perfect their skills in an informal, positive environment through story, song and poem where the spotlight is very much on the art of storytelling.
As well as the Mixtape we hold special events throughout the year including competitions, workshops and custom events for festivals like Cork Midsummer, Heritage week, Culture night etc.
Why did you do this work?
I started The Gab because I love storytelling and event management. At the time there was no regular storytelling event in Cork that I knew of. There was plenty comedy, music, theatre, poetry etc but nothing that highlighted storytelling.
What was the impact or outcome of your project?
The inaugural gathering of The Gab Mixtape took place in Coughlan's on the 30th June 2016. One attendee described it as " ... much more than storytelling. It is entertaining, philosophical, mystical, musical and memorable."

The crowd demanded more and The Gab has had a storytelling related event on a voluntary basis every month since then. The monthly Mixtape is the staple but there have also been workshops, special events, competitions and much more in the pipeline.

Another storytelling group, Cork Yarnspinners, which had ceased meeting in 2015 is now relaunched and meets once a month. Between Cork Yarnspinners and The Gab there is a storytelling event every 2 weeks in Cork.
Do you have any tips or advice for similar projects?
If you have a good idea, get it out to the public/your audience as quickly as possible in prototype format, get feedback, improve the quality based on the feedback and begin the process again improving each time. Don’t wait for perfection, it doesn’t exist.
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Mary Walsh
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087 7550365